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Important Notice

Season Tickets

Please Fill out the ticket application form to inquire about 2023-24 season tickets.

▽Season Ticket Application Form

Ticket Sales Schedule
Game Schedule Fan Club Presale General Sales
10/25 (Wednesday) vs. Kawasaki 8/19 (Saturday) 12:00~ 8/20 (Sunday) 12:00~
10/28 (Saturday) vs. Toyama
10/29 (Sunday) vs. Toyama
11/11 (Saturday) vs. Shimane 9/19 (Tuesday) 12:00~ 9/20 (Wednesday) 12:00~
11/12 (Sunday) vs. Shimane
12/9 (Saturday) vs. Shinshu
12/10 (Sunday) vs. Shinshu
12/16 (Saturday) vs. Hiroshima
12/17 (Sunday) vs. Hiroshima
12/20 (Wednesday) vs. Nagasaki
12/31 (Sunday) vs. Sendai
1/1 (Monday) vs. Sendai
1/20 (Saturday) vs. Utsunomiya 11/19 (Sunday) 12:00~ 11/20 (Monday) 12:00~
1/21 (Sunday) vs. Utsunomiya
1/27 (Saturday) vs. Kyoto
1/28 (Sunday) vs. Kyoto
2/10 (Saturday) vs. Hokkaido
2/11 (Sunday) vs. Hokkaido
3/6 (Wednesday) vs. Kyoto 12/19 (Tuesday) 12:00~ 12/20 (Wednesday)12:00~
3/20 (Wednesday) vs. Osaka
3/23 (Saturday) vs. Akita
3/24 (Sunday) vs. Akita
3/30 (Saturday) vs. Ibaraki
3/31 (Sunday) vs. Ibaraki
4/6 (Saturday) vs. Chiba 2/19 (Monday) 12:00~ 2/20 (Tuesday)12:00~
4/7 (Sunday) vs. Chiba
4/10 (Wednesday) vs. Nagoya
4/17 (Wednesday) vs. Saga
4/20 (Saturday) vs. Nagasaki
4/21 (Sunday) vs. Nagasaki
Seat Map and Price List
  • Seat Map

Seat Map

▷3D Map

  • Regular Season


※Some games may be held where the ticket price is different from the prices listed above. Any price changes will be announced separately.
※Children's prices are for junior high school students and younger. Preschool age children and younger can watch the game for free if they sit on someone’s lap.
※Tickets purchased at the fan club discount price are available at any time during the sales period for continuing members, and only during the fan club presale period for new members and student discount members.
※The ticket purchase limit for the fan club presale is 4 tickets per email address. Please note that even if you apply for multiple memberships with the same email address, the purchase limit is still 4.
※The ticket purchase limit for general sales is 12 tickets.
※There are some seats sold out due season ticket purchases.
※Standing tickets will be sold after all other seating sections are sold out.
※Once purchased, tickets cannot be canceled or changed.



Table Seat


Arena Front Row


Arena S


Arena A


Arena B


Balcony Front and Back



Application Form

Other Ticket Sales
Package Tickets,Group Tickets,
Handicapped Tickets

Handicapped Tickets

Please fill out the application page to request handicapped tickets.
Please note that all accompanying persons must purchase a ticket to access handicapped seating.

Group Tickets

Please read through the following group ticket packages and fill out an application form to request group tickets.

Group Tickets (20 people or more)

The following group tickets can be purchased at a discounted price for groups of 20 or more people.

▽Ticket Price (price per seat)
・Arena S:¥4,700
・Arena A:¥3,900
・Arena B:¥3,400
※These ticket prices are only available for groups of 20 or more

Group Tickets with Group Photo (40 people or more)

The following group tickets can be purchased with groups of 40 or more people and will include a group photo on the court.

Ticket Price (price per seat)
・Arena S:¥5,000
・Arena A:¥4,500
・Arena B:¥4,000
※These ticket prices are only available for groups of 40 or more

Play basketball! Group tickets (more than 60 people) Season ticket holders

Your group will be able to play basketball on the Kings court and take a group photo center court.

※Your group will be allowed to play on the court before the arena doors open. After your group is finished playing on the court you will be asked to leave the arena and reenter to watch the game.
※The court will be available to use for about 30 minutes (this is subject to change).
※Changing rooms and shower rooms are not available.

▽Ticket Price (price per seat)
・Arena S:¥5,000
・Arena A:¥4,500
・Arena B:¥4,000
※These ticket prices are only available for groups of 40 or more

Home Game Arena [Okinawa Arena]

Okinawa-ken, Okinawa City, Yamauchi 1-16-1

  • Google Mapsで場所を確認
  • B.LEAGUE会場図

※Okinawa Arena does not have a parking lot for general customers. Please use the free shuttle bus or public transportation.

Shuttle Bus

<Bus Operation Schedule>
To Arena: The bus will run from 2 hours and 30 minutes before the start of the game and until halftime
※During Regular Season
Return: The bus will run for one hour from the end of the game

[Bus to Arena]
Route A: Koza Music Town→BC Koza→Okinawa Arena
Route B: Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom→In front of Shonan Hospital→Okinawa Arena

[Return Bus]
Route A: Okinawa Arena→Music Town→BC Koza
Route B: Okinawa Arena→Higa Bus Stop→Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom

[Higa bus stop number 23 (to Naha) final bus: 22:00 on Saturdays, 21:51 on Sundays, 21:43 on weekdays]

※Please use public or another form of transportation to get to Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom.

▽Click here for parking lot information near Route A Aルート近辺駐車場

Arena Rules

Arena Rules

Coming Soon…

Attack Position Change

From the 2023-24 season, the attack side in the first half and second half and the warm-up area on the court will be changed.
Please be aware of the following changes before purchasing tickets.
The on court warm-up before each game will be in front of its team’s bench.
The on court warm-up during half time will be in front of the opposite team’s bench.
In the first half (1Q, 2Q) each team will attack the goal on the side of its team’s bench. In the second half (3Q, 4Q) each team will attack the goal on the opposite side of its team’s bench.