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#53 アレックス・カーク選手 帰化選手登録完了およびインジュアリーリスト抹消のご報告

 この度、#53 アレックス・カーク選手の帰化選手としての登録いたしますことをご報告いたします。



This moment is life changing for my friends, family, and I. The last few days have been filled with tears of joy. My family and I feel so good here in Okinawa and apart of the Ryukyu Golden Kings organization. I take great pride in playing for the Kings as a naturalized player. From being here this season I understand the standards of the fans and the organization and I can’t wait to compete for championships with everyone apart of the best basketball club in Asia!
Of course, I want to deliver many powerful dunks and blocks for the fans. But right now, I just want to focus on the team winning basketball games along with winning the Emperors Cup and the western conference. There are many great players on this team, and I just want to help them all be better along with improve myself. And I believe that I can do that.

I have played with many national team players in my time here in Japan. Many of them like Daiki Tanaka, Seiya Ando, and Joji Takeuchi were the ones who have always pushed and encouraged me to go for the naturalization process. I was always so proud to see my teammates play for the Japanese national team and all the success they have achieved. I would love to take on that challenge with the likes of Hugh Watanabe and Keita Imamura. If I receive this opportunity, I know I would represent not only Japan very well but also my new home of Okinawa. Thank you for all the support and I’m excited to get back into my Kings uniform.